A tender spark


A Funzel can be considered a dim light. Weak, but persistent enough to give light to a lonely philosopher writing through gloomy nights. Cheap enough to equip harbour taverns and pubs on scruffy crossroads, sufficiently reliable to assist swamp barges on nautical adventures and to shine on broken easels in an artist’s atelier. A Funzel is a nearly extinguishing torch. A miserable lantern. A quivering flame.

If a Funzel were to die out, one would be standing in the dark. And have philosophers, seafarers, travellers, artists and thinkers not always been dependent on their specific Funzels? They cared about not letting the flame diminish. They cherished the spirit just as Hegel did (and probably much more). They knew if they did not give all their energy to upholding the fire, ideas and illumination would soon perish.

So do we. In the circle of our small dim light, we try to catch a glimpse at the big questions outside of the ivory towers. Philosophy is an inclusive project. It depends on collaboration, exchange and debate. It covers questions of daily life, of art, of literature and physics. It is not the exclusive domain of specialists. It belongs to all those who think and feel.

Is there something you’re passionate about? You’ve always wanted to write down all your thoughts about Locke? You’re longing to finally publish all those book critiques gathering dust on your shelf? You’ve still got a theatre review somewhere in your desk drawer? Then the FUNZEL is the right place for you. Here notions meet their audience. Our aim is to bring philosophy back into the wider context of the humanities. Because ideas and arguments are important. And it does not matter whether they come from lecturers, postgrads or freshers.

So, our platform is made for an interdisciplinary community that values thought. In the tradition of the satirical Viennese magazine DIE FACKEL we want to highlight what current philosophical students listen to, what they like, what they think and what they speak about. If you too are yearning for enlightening surroundings, then join our illustrious circle and broaden the range of the chattering FUNZEL.